Here's How Many Singles Plan To Hookup While They're Home For The Holidays

photographed by Lauren Perlstein.
While it may seem like we're all heading to our family homes over the holidays just to drink eggnog and hear the same slightly inappropriate family stories for the 5,000th time, plenty of us have at least one other thing on our minds.
And that thing is sex.
According to a new survey Trojan Condoms shared with Refinery29, which polled 1,000 sexually active singles aged 18 to 24, 60% said they were likely to have casual sex while they're home for the holidays.
That number might be shocking, considering how difficult it probably is to sneak out of family bonding time for these adult activities. But what's maybe even more surprising is that not everyone plans to just hook up with their high school fling. Two out of every five people who said they would be having a holiday hookup also said that it will likely be with someone they've never met, while one third said they plan to call up an ex.
How are these people going to find a brand-new hookup while everyone is singing Christmas carols or lighting the menorah? Apparently, quite a few of them will be sliding into someone's DMs. About 78% of the participants polled said they'd be sending texts or direct messages, while 66% plan to meet someone at a house party, 55% are hitting the bar, and 50% are turning to an app.
Still, just because all of these people plan to have casual sex while they're home doesn't mean all of them will. Trojan also asked how many of their participants had a holiday hookup last year, and the number is much smaller (if not still impressive) — 44% had casual sex over last year's winter holidays.
It seems, however, that even these 44% weren't sure they'd be having sex at all, because 40% of them had to make a last-minute run for condoms and two out of five didn't even use a condom because they didn't have one on hand.
So the big takeaway here is that it might just be worth packing a few condoms (or dental dams, or whichever other form of protection works best for you) in your carry-on, even if you're not sure you'll be using them. Be safe out there, folks.
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