These Are The Pioneer Woman's Signature Holiday Dishes

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Ree Drummond — better known to her legions of fans both online, in print, and on T.V. as the Pioneer Woman — is high on our list of people we'd love to be invited to celebrate the holidays with. The blogger and home cook is an expert at the kinds of homey, unfussy comfort foods we crave this time of year.
For proof, look no further than her latest interview with People magazine, where she reveals her go-to recipes.
"I’m a cinnamon roll evangelist," she said. (As of this writing, she has over 100 articles on her website that mention cinnamon rolls, so this checks out.) When it comes to more savory dishes, Drummond, the wife of a rancher, not surprisingly goes the beef route.
"As for meals, I love prime rib. I hardly ever make it outside the month of December anymore, so whenever I make it, it smells like the holidays to me," she explained.
A quick blog search reveals there is, indeed, one solitary (but delicious-looking) recipe for prime rib from 2011, which she declares is one of the most "special and delicious" parts of Christmas. The impressive cut of meat is actually pretty hands-off, requiring just a quick sear in a hot pan and around an hour of roasting.
While Drummond is no stranger to hosting parties and get-togethers at her family ranch, their actual Christmas day is "low-key." They celebrate as an extended family on Christmas Eve with her husband's family, but on Christmas day its just the immediate family. They open gifts together and enjoy biscuits and gravy, another comfort classic perfect for cold mornings.
In the same interview, Drummond revealed that food isn't the only tradition her family takes seriously. Every year they also get matching pajamas for everyone, including the dogs. The family then enjoys one of the few days they don't have to work on the ranch, one of the few days of the year "the spurs are going to stay off the boots."
Spurs or not, we at least know its possible to enjoy Christmas the Pioneer Woman way with prime rib and cinnamon rolls of our very own, even if we don't live hours away from the closest pizza delivery spot.
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