The Strange Way A Woman Reconnected With A Man Who Unmatched Her On Tinder

Online dating is often confusing and a little anxiety-ridden. You might think, Why isn't he messaging me back? Why isn't she responding to my texts? Why aren't they more interested?
But as one woman's wild story shows, sometimes what seems like an online dating match blowing you off could actually just be a miscommunication or a mistake.
It all started when a 22-year-old woman named Haley matched with a guy named Walker on Tinder. Walker opened their conversation with a strange question involving a deadly snail, a million dollars, and immortality. Rather than laughing off his quirky opener, Haley took time to seriously think about his question — she even did math.
Recently, she took screenshots of her epic answer and posted them to Reddit. Just take a look, and think about what you would do with an answer like this:
Wouldn't you immediately ask Hayley on a date? Well, Walker didn't. Instead, he unmatched her.
This happened back in August, but Hayley just posted the screenshots of their conversation to the Tinder subreddit yesterday. To many people's shock, Walker happened to read the thread, and it turns out that he doesn't even remember unmatching her.
"Hi! I am the Walker that the OP was talking too," he wrote on the thread. "Apparently this was back in August, and I honestly don’t know why I would have unmatched after that. I actually really like that answer."
In case there are skeptics out there, because of course there are, Walker's roommate even chimed in to say it really was him, and they brought receipts.
"I'm about 99% sure this is my roommate," they wrote. "His name is Walker, the photo looks like him and the staircase behind him matches the one in our house."
Luckily for Walker, Haley is the forgiving type. After briefly roasting him when he asked if they could give it another shot ("I don’t know...... you’ve hurt me before. how can i trust you not to do it again???"), she told him to send her a message and they would "see how it goes."
Some people are already asking for invites to the wedding.
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