Chip & Joanna Gaines Took Their Fixer Upper Ways To Italy

Photo: Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage.
Making a TV show, launching a lifestyle collection, opening a new restaurant, raising four children — any one of these endeavors sounds like a challenge that would earn you a really good vacation. Chip and Joanna Gaines did just that over the weekend, flying across the pond to take in some Renaissance-era fixer uppers in Italy.
As much as we enjoy their hard work vicariously while watching Fixer Upper on HGTV, watching them take a break from it all after wrapping the final season of the show might be just as fun.
"We both slept for 15 hours and missed breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon of shopping with friends, but that rest felt good! Florence, you're beautiful," Joanna wrote on Instagram on November 12. Yep, that sounds like most of us on the first day of a European trip.
Once they got over the time change, it seems they had plenty of energy to play tourist. They were perfect goofballs as they donned helmets over their winter caps (safety and warmth first!) and rode Vespas through the countryside.

❤️ #Italy

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On her Instagram Stories, Joanna shared videos of a pasta-making class they took together as well as their celebration of Chip's 43rd birthday, People reported.
Later in the week, the pair made their way to Rome, where Joanna captured a rainbow in a pink sky above the Vatican.

A beautiful moment at the Vatican today

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If that weren't enough to make you jealous, one of Chip's Instagrams from the trip might. The pilots of their flight home apparently let the Gaineses enter the cockpit of their 777, just like kids used to get to do in the old days.

Flying back to the farm in style! Checking the 777 off my bucket list. @americanair

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Now that they're back at home, Joanna didn't waste a second in transitioning from world-traveler back to HGTV mode. This morning, she posted a photo of the broccoli she just picked in her garden with the hashtag #homesweethome.

I wonder if I dip these in chocolate maybe the kids will eat them... ? #homesweethome #fromthegarden

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