Watch Kim Kardashian Prove She's A Loyal Sister By Drinking A Sardine Shake

Photo: Terence Patrick/CBS.
Fans have always known that the Kardashian sisters are extremely loyal to one another, but last night, Kim Kardashian went further than we ever before to prove that loyalty. While visiting The Late Late Show with James Corden, Kim played that nasty game he calls "Spill Your Guts or Fill You Guts." As the name suggests, the game involves being asked what are usually very personal questions. The player can either choose to answer the question honestly or opt out and instead eat something totally disgusting. Last night, when Corden and Kardashian went head-to-head in the game, she was asked a difficult question about her family. When it came down to it, she took one for team Kardashian by drinking a sardine shake she described as "so fucking disgusting."
Kim Kardashian actually started the game out very well. First, Corden challenged her to either drink a glass of bird saliva or rank her family members from best to worst dressed. Kardashian actually responded fairly quickly and apologized profusely to Khloé, whom she ranked as worst. Next, she opted to reveal what Kanye's worst habit is — falling asleep "everywhere," including parent-teacher conferences — instead of eating bull penis.
Unfortunately, Kim's lucky streak ended on her third round, and it's all because James Corden asked her a question about her sisters' personal lives. During round three, the host told Kardashian she would have to eat an absolutely disgusting-looking sardine smoothie if she refused to answer his question. He then stated the question, smiling, "Kim, there have been lots of rumors about your sisters Khloé and Kylie being pregnant. Are they true, yes or no?"
Here, Kim took a beat. She needed it, y'all, and we get it. She made a serious face, took a deep breath, then gulped down the separated, brown and white sardine smoothie. As if we ever doubted it, we now know for sure that Kim Kardashian loves her sisters. She'll tell whose style is her least favorite, but she's not about to throw anyone under the bus when it comes to pregnancy rumors. Not even if that means having to drink a sardine smoothie.

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