These First Class Cabins Are An Introvert's Paradise

Courtesy of Emirates
As I make the long journey from a plane's entrance to my seat in coach, I frequently gaze longingly at the seats in first class. The comfy seats! The extra leg room! The superior food and beverage selections! Well, thanks to Emirates, my first class envy just increased exponentially.
Travel & Leisure reports that the airline debuted new first class suites at the Dubai Airshow and now passengers can enjoy their comfy seats, leg room, and food without any human interaction at all. In short, it's an introvert's dream come true.
According to USA Today, the cabins are 40-square-feet and feature sliding doors to ensure privacy. And those spacious seats? They can be turned into lie-flat beds, so you can sleep far more easily on long flights — especially because, you know, you won't be surrounded by other humans who tend to be quite loud at the most inconvenient times.
But wait, there's more! If you're seriously committed to no human interaction for the duration of your flight, you definitely won't go hungry. You can order your food and drinks and have them slid through the service window, PureWow notes.
Although the main attraction of these cabins is no human interaction, the technology perks aren't too shabby either. Every suite includes in-flight entertainment on a 32-inch HD screen. And if you suddenly feel the urge to begin journaling (hey, it could happen), every first-class passenger receives a leather-bound notebook.
Flying in a private cabin with no human contact? Priceless. (And, unfortunately, way out of my price range.)
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