Jonathan Cheban, The Foodgōd, Went To Disney World & Here's What He Ate

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Last week, Jonathan Cheban, known for being one of Kim Kardashian’s best friends, recently made headlines for officially changing his name to Foodgōd. Perhaps because he wanted to live up to his new legal name, this past weekend Foodgōd visited the one destination where you can get dishes from all over the world in one place, Disney World. Unsurprisingly, both because it's his schtick and because Disney has so many treats to choose from, Foodgōd ate a lot while he was there. Lucky for us, he also shared his dining choices on Instagram.
Of all the many lands represented inside Epcot, the foodie inexplicably chose to dine at the American Adventure Pavilion, opting for not one but two turkey legs. Though it's not the most exciting cuisine, seeing as you can get those at most American fairs or carnivals, we do appreciate his willingness to go all in with two of these monstrosities. After picking up the gigantic drumsticks, he posed for a photo with one in each hand, and in the background is Epcot's iconic Spaceship Earth sphere. Foodgōd captioned the photo, "Leg day."

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In addition to the turkey legs in Epcot, Foodgōd also snacked on some even more American fare in The Magic Kingdom. In an different Instagram photo, Foodgōd posed in front of Cinderella's Castle with two foot-long chili cheese hot dogs, two orders of French fries, and an order of miniature corn dogs with a side of nacho cheese.

Snack time, mini corn dogs in the back i 👀you!! #hosted

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Foodgōd also uploaded several videos to his Instagram story that showed him trying out what is arguably the most beloved Disney food, the Dole Whip. His videos showed that he tried the original Dole Whip first, but apparently he hates pineapple. He then documented what other variations of the Disney World staple were available, including the Dole Whip-Topped Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Orange Dole Whip. In the end, Foodgōd anointed the Orange Dole Whip as the best thing to get from Aloha Isle, which is roughly the Instagram equivalent of Foodgōd handing down the Ten Commandments to Moses. Thanks to Foodgōd, we now know exactly what we need to eat next time we're in Disney.
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