Get Your Holiday Shopping Done Now Before Mercury Enters Retrograde Next Month

Photographed by Amy Lombard.
Remember the story of the ant and the grasshopper? While the ant planned ahead for the cold, desolate winter months, the grasshopper kicked back and relaxed, convinced that he'd have plenty of time to prepare later. Well, stargazers, Mercury is seeking to make grasshoppers out of all of us this holiday season.
The messenger planet will enter its final retrograde of 2017 on December 3. As you may already know, if signals are getting scrambled and plans are going awry, there's a good chance Mercury Retrograde has something to do with it. And, at this time of year, this disorienting planetary transit will throw our travel plans and online shopping orders into peril.
Luckily, the lunar phase this weekend is all but designed to fuel some early-bird preparations. This Friday and Saturday, the tranquil beams of the third quarter moon will imbue us with a sense of maturity, responsibility, and a desire to put things in order. Plus, the moon is moving through the taskmaster sign of Virgo this Saturday and Sunday. In other words, no sight is more welcome than a fully crossed-off to-do list this weekend.
We know it may feel a little silly rushing to find presents for everyone when it's only mid-November. But, if you're already a believer in the power of Mercury retrograde, you probably know just how hard a Mercury-charged retrograde can hit, from broken phones to social faux pas. For you, tackling a major project or two before the next backspin is just good insurance. Besides, if doing so means limiting our sources of holiday stress next month, count us in.
Wherever you are in your planning process, the stars are aligning to keep you a few steps ahead of the holiday game this weekend. (And if you haven't even begun to think about your gift list, we can help.)

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