We Are Here For Lili Reinhart's Unexpected Food Obsession

Many people have strong feelings about which pizza chain they're most likely to order from. Some of us are Pizza Hut fans, and others stand for Papa John's. Lili Reinhart, the actress known for her role as Betty Cooper on The CW’s Riverdale, is all about Domino's.
Most weeks, when a new episode of Riverdale is airing, Reinhart watches along with the rest of us. During the episodes, she often tweets various GIFs from different scenes as they air, accompanied by clever captions. Hilariously, in the past couple weeks, a few of those captions have involved some references to Domino's that make her love for the chain quite clear.
Last week, Reinhart posted a GIF of Veronica and Archie opening the door to Reggie and the rest of the Riverdale High jocks holding three large pizzas. The scene must have made the actress hungry because accompanying the GIF, she tweeted, "Brb ordering Dominos now."
During last night's Riverdale episode, Lili Reinhart took a particularly tense moment from the show, and turned it into yet another opportunity to tweet about Dominos. The GIF she shared this time showed her character Betty sitting with Archie as he gives her encouragement to answer the phone when The Black Hood calls. While the rest of us were on the edge of our seats, screaming at Betty through the TV screen to stop playing with fire and go straight to Sheriff Keller, Reinhart was busy thinking about Domino's. The tweet with the GIF read "KJ and I when we ordered Dominos to a boujee hotel bar/lounge." Picturing these two actors taking their pizza ordering as seriously as Betty and Archie took their communication with this mysterious murderer is funny and relatable.
Photo: via @lilireinhart.
Domino's actually isn't the only fast casual chain Lili Reinhart has major love for. Earlier this week, she found out that there's a special VIP card that gets you free Chipotle for life, and she made a full Instagram Live story dedicated to talking about this discovery with her co-stars Hart Denton and Mädchen Amick. Although she was tweeting about Domino's during last night's episode, she was actually eating Chipotle. The actress posted an Instagram story of a Chipotle bag in front of her TV screen and wrote, "*Not sponsored by Chipotle, though I wish I was*" over the picture.
Lili Reinhart's brand enthusiasm and loyalty is something we can really identify with. It also gives us some good ideas for what to serve at our weekly Riverdale viewing parties.

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