Hidden Valley Merch Is Now Available For Anyone Who Really, Really Loves Ranch Dressing

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Just in time for winter holiday gift-giving, Hidden Valley is giving shoppers exactly what they need to give the person who has everything and also happens to be obsessed with ranch dressing.
The Flavour Gallery, which peddles merch from various food-related brands like Food & Wine and 5 Napkin Burger, has a slew of Hidden Valley goods that'll delight anyone who can't get enough of the good stuff.
The standout item is sure to be the 5-liter mini keg of Hidden Valley ranch dressing. At $50, the site claims that it's a year's supply of creamy dressing, but for those who put it on more than just salad, it may not last until next winter.
Thankfully, the kegs are stackable, so gifting multiples isn't out of the question. For holiday parties, there's even a ranch fountain, which is just like a chocolate fountain, but pairs better with crudités than pound cake and marshmallows. Both items may seem over-the-top, but die-hards know that there really is no such thing as too much ranch dressing. (Imagine the Likes that a ranch dressing fountain would rack up on Instagram.)
It seems strange to show ranch devotion with kegs and apparel — T-shirts and totes are also available at Flavour Gallery — but according to experts, it's not unusual to want to flaunt a flavor. CNBC reports that people are willing to pay for quirky items with seemingly random branding and big labels are cashing in on the trend. Coca-Cola, KFC, and Taco Bell all have similar apparel and lifestyle collections for their fans.
"The brands are really fighting for mindshare, and they don't want to just be seen as a very functional brand that helps you satiate your hunger. They want to be a part of your lifestyle," Julie Cottineau, CEO of BrandTwist, a consulting firm, told CNBC. "They're trying to give you a means to say, 'This is a brand that's part of my identity.'"
So if you or someone you love is all about that ranch life — we're talking dressing, not horses and roping — these picks are the perfect way to show off. You'll never need to ask for a side of ranch ever again when you show up at a restaurant wearing a Hidden Valley sweatshirt.
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