Glittery Cappuccinos Are Here To One Up The Unicorn Frappuccino Once & For All

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If you could use a little more bling bling in your life but can't afford to be dripping in diamonds, there's now a way to add a dose of glamour to your everyday life: glittery cappuccinos. Recently, Twitter has been going absolutely wild over this drink and, after looking at the photos, we understand why. According to Twitter users, there are a couple of cafés around the world that offer this glitzy drink. One is in India, and the other is in the United Kingdom.
By Di Bella in Mumbai offers two special sparkling coffees, the Gold Cappuccino and the Diamond Cappuccino. Both contain coffee and steamed milk like any old cappuccino, but edible glitter is also added to the mix. As their names suggest, the Gold Cappuccino has a golden glittery look while the Diamond Cappuccino has a reflective rainbowy shine. According to one customer's review, the sparkles don't change the taste of the coffee at all.

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In the U.K., a spot called Melbourne In Lichfield also offers a sparkling coffee. At the beginning of the month, the coffee kiosk posted photos of the golden glitter-flecked drink and simply wrote, "Oh dear!! Looks like a fairy just let off wind at Melbourne again." It's an interesting choice of words for a drink description, but the photos are pretty. However, we can't help but wonder if the glitter used in these golden coffees might get caught in our throats.
Despite its inviting glow and major potential for Instagram likes, many people are with us on being just a little bit skeptical of these glittery coffees. Twitter seems pretty divided on whether this is a genius new menu item or if it's something that shouldn't be messed with.
These luxurious coffee drinks have not yet made their way to the U.S. While we wait for a café here to catch on to the trend we have some time to decide whether this is a good way to add a little more sparkle into our lives or if we're going to steer clear for the sake of our G.I. tracts.
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