Fans Are Very Worried After Unnamed Westworld Actor Is Injured

No one wants to hear that production of their favorite show has been put on hold, especially when the reason for postponement is because of an injury. Well, Westworld fans, I'm sorry to report that your worst nightmare is coming true.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the HBO series' filming schedule has taken a hit after one of the actors sustained an injury off set.
THR obtained a statement from HBO which read: "Due to a medical emergency involving a performer in a recurring role on season two of Westworld, filming on one of the two units has been temporarily suspended. The castmember was not on set when this occurred, and out of respect for the performer’s privacy, we have no additional details to share, other than that everyone at Westworld sincerely hopes for a quick recovery."
It's a little odd, in my opinion, that HBO didn't reveal the name of the actor. What could have possibly happened that would be so devastating or embarrassing that the actor would remain anonymous?
All of the ambiguity has devout Westworld fans in a tizzy, with some claiming that the news has left them anxious.
"I get wanting to respect the injured Westworld cast member's privacy but also I'm gonna get an ulcer worrying over who it is until they say," one person tweeted. Another responded, "This definitely has me worried! This show is beyond amazing! Adrian, how do you think this will affect the show's future?"
Meanwhile, TMZ has reported that the injured person is a man, though we have no definitive proof at this time to back that claim. However, that hasn't stopped people online from starting to run down the list of men in the cast, going so far as to tweet directly to the actors.
May whoever this person is have a healthy recovery.

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