Mindy Kaling Is Adapting Your Favorite Rom-Com For Hulu

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Now that you've finished bingeing Stranger Things 2, you can finally start looking for new shows to watch. While there are a ton of great dramas and comedies out there (hello, Mindhunter, Vice Principals, and my all-time favorite, Bob's Burgers), I'm missing a bit of feel-good romance from my lineup. But all that is about to change, because comedy queen Mindy Kaling is developing a new series based on rom-com gold, Four Weddings And A Funeral.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kaling is adapting the 1994 Hugh Grant classic for Hulu. The series will be done anthology style, allowing Kaling, who is slated to write with Matt Warburton (The Mindy Project), to really dive into the characters' relationships, of which there are many.
If you're unfamiliar with the film, here's the quickest breakdown possible: The story follows a guy named Charles who keeps bumping into a woman named Carrie at (you guessed it) four different weddings and one funeral. Nothing like adding a little macabre to make a love story pop, in my humble opinion!
Over the course of the film, the two fall for one another. But, because nothing in rom-com world is ever so simple as to allow two main characters to meet, fall in love, and skip off into the sunset without complication, things get weird. For instance, two of the four weddings were for Carrie and Charles, who were to be wed to different people. In the end, the star-crossed lovers wind up together, but after attending so many formal ceremonies, they decide marriage is overrated and go a more modern (well, for the early '90s) route.
So far, Kaling hasn't confirmed who will star in the rambunctious remake, but if I can have any say (I can't), whoever plays the lead must have Grant's unparalleled self-deprecating sense of humor. And the floppy hair would help, too.

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