This Is How Popular Friends With Benefits Arrangements Actually Are

Photographed by Lula Hyers.
A new survey of 1,000 Americans and Europeans takes a look at how popular friends-with-benefits arrangements really are — and found that women are more likely to have them than men. Not only that, but people who have them are pretty satisfied with their sex lives.
The survey, from, an online health consulting website, found that 57% of participants reported having ever had friends-with-benefits, while 43% had not. Of the people who had, 18% of American women said they were currently in a friends-with-benefits relationship, while 17% of American men said that they were.
Women were more likely than men to have casual sexual relationships in Europe, too — 31% of European women said they currently had friends-with-benefits, while 25% of European men said the same.
Overall, the people in friends-with-benefits relationships said they were sexually satisfied in their lives. 51% of Americans in FWB arrangements said they were satisfied, 30% said they were only somewhat satisfied, and 19% said that they were dissatisfied.
When the survey asked those in relationships (versus FWBs) to rate their sexual satisfaction, the numbers were slightly lower — 43% of Americans said they were satisfied, 26% were somewhat satisfied, and 31% were dissatisfied.
However, the point isn't that people in FWB are more satisfied with their sex lives than those in relationships — to each their own, of course. Plus, it's important to keep in mind that 1,000 people is a fairly small sample size, but the survey gives some insight into the idea that FWBs can work, and people can find a lot of satisfaction in these casual relationships.
For more on these stats, head to DrEd's website.
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