How You Know You're In Love, According To This Professor

At Ohio University, students have the opportunity to take a class called Introduction to Human Communication with assistant professor Dan West. It's a class we could all probably use, TBH, especially since it includes a section on love and relationships.
It's that section that has catapulted West to viral fame, thanks to his sweet answer to a student's question. West recently opened the floor for the class to ask him whatever they wanted, anonymously through the use of notecards, BuzzFeed reports, and one student asked, "How do you know when you're in love?"
"It just hits you, you can’t expect it and you can’t plan for it," West said, according to BuzzFeed. He then told the story of how he knew he was in love with his wife, Vicki, who he married in 1993.
West told the class that he and Vicki had stopped by a grocery store to pick up a few things after a movie date. As he looked at her searching the freezer for an ice cream flavor, he knew that she was the person he'd want to go grocery shopping with for the rest of his life.
His story, of course, melted the hearts of the students in his class that day, including Victoria Helmke, who shared what he said on Twitter.
Since she posted West's story last week, the tweet has more than 76,000 retweets at the time of writing and is clearly resonating with people online.
As many of the commenters pointed out, his story shows that love can happen in the most mundane moments, when you're not even looking for it.
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