Activists Pledge To Haunt Their Republican Representatives For All Eternity

Do you have a Republican representative whose actions or inactions may very well result in your untimely demise? Although we can't save you from the pre-existing condition of being a woman or being physically crushed by student debt, activist Jessica Jin has come up with the next best thing: Haunt My Rep.
"In a time when millions of Americans feel despair about their safety and livelihood under the negligent politics of their representatives, #HauntYourRep offers a dash of hope that we may be more successful at influencing our congresspeople if they know we're coming for them as vengeful voters and eventually, vengeful ghosts," Jin said in an email statement to Refinery29. "It’s not news that their decisions can mean life or death for many, but our representatives have been especially cruel lately. What more can we do or say to get one of these guys to give a damn about gun violence? I'm just going to pour your cereal on you at breakfast when I'm dead I guess."
Head on over to the site and "Join the Ghoul Army" (aka take the pledge) to haunt your representatives for all eternity if you die as a result of their policies.
As Haunt My Rep points out, "There are a lot of stupid ways to die these days." Sure, most of them would be preventable if we could keep our health care and pass legislation that would prevent us from being shot by a person who bought a gun without so much as a background check. And, while they're at it, perhaps a few prominent members of the GOP (looking at you, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell) could grow a spine and stand up to the tweeter-in-chief, who may very well get us nuked thanks to his ongoing feud with Kim Jong Un.
So, what exactly does this pledge entail? Well, the time commitment is "only your entire afterlife," but it's for a noble cause. And, in the meantime, action can be taken while we're still among the living. If you live in a blue district, you can still help vote Republicans out of office by visiting Swing Left to find the nearest red district. You can also sign up for the Town Hall Project to be notified of local events — because, personally, I would never want to miss out on an opportunity to make a representative squirm.
Haunt My Rep isn't Jin's first initiative that "fights absurdity with absurdity." Last year she founded Cocks Not Glocks, a national movement inspired by Texas, where state laws prohibit openly carrying a dildo in public, but carrying a gun is A-OK.
So if you're committed to keep fighting the good fight even after terrible policies kill you, Haunt My Rep is the organization of your dreams...and politicians' nightmares.

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