Fallon and Cristal Take It Back To The '80s In This Exclusive Clip From Dynasty

Photo: Courtesy of Mark Hill/ CW.
While the new reboot of Dynasty is all about the new and improved, this week it can't resist giving a nod to its '80s roots. In a clip from from tonight's episode, which you can watch exclusively here on Refinery29, the Carrington's throw a retro-themed party, allowing the tense relationship between Cristal and Fallon to blossom in its familiar, over-the-top glory.
After all, despite being a reboot, there's a lot that's changed when it comes to this 2017 reimagination of the series. In just one episode, R29's Ariana Romero documented subjects ranging from "women in the upper echelons of the business world," "pristine white pantsuit-hat combos," complex gay relationships," "fracking," and "possible murder."
These are important updates to make to series that was so firmly dated, but anyone who misses the camp from the original story won't be disappointed, especially when in tonight's episode, "Guilt Is For Insecure People." The clip below kicks off with some incredible fashion, and dives right into the drama. Two two M(r)s. Carringtons butt heads when it comes to who will be modeling the auction jewelry at the event.
"I always model the auction jewelry," Fallon insists.
"Not this year," Cristal replies. "This year it will be worn by an adult."
These subtle digs make way for much more outlandish criticism, like when Fallon proclaims that, "Everyone here knows I was born into diamonds. The only way you could get any was by spreading your legs."
This spat gets interrupted by Blake, who does nothing to soothe his daughter's insecurities about being overlooked — and she does not take it well. Watch the full clip below!

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