Her Baby Wouldn't Come Out — So She Went To A Judge

In the final days of her pregnancy, Utah mom Kaylee Bays was way past ready to finally give birth. Of course, her unborn baby wasn't quite ready — so she served up an eviction notice.
Less than 12 hours later, she gave birth to baby Gretsel.
According to WRAL, Bays, who was pregnant with her third child, thought she was going into labor a week before she actually did, but it turned out to be a fluke. Fed up, she went back to her job as a judicial assistant at the Fourth District Court in Provo, UT, and jokingly wrote up an eviction notice for her baby to leave "mommy belly lane."
After she delivered her baby, American Fork Hospital (where she gave birth) congratulated her and posted a photo of the notice.
The three-day notice asks Gretsel to "vacate for nuisance," within three calendar days (counting weekends and holidays) because "Mommy is uncomfortable and running out of room for you! Too much heartburn and rib kicking, and I'm sick of waddling!!!"
Bays even jokingly asked Judge Lynn Davis to sign it — and he did.
"He told me, 'If it really works, I want it framed,'" she told WRAL. "It did, and I'm going to frame it for him."
The baby may not have come by sole purpose of abiding by an eviction notice, but at least Bays found a creative way to get through the last few hours of her pregnancy.
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