Twitter Is Losing It Over This Poor Excuse For Macaroni & Cheese

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Earlier today, a Twitter user name @coolstoryjanis shared a disturbing photo of a bowl of cooked macaroni mixed with some shredded white and yellow cheddar cheese. Accompanying the picture she wrote, "Look at the macaroni & cheese my coworker brought to our potluck today. Bruh."
To be fair to whoever contributed this dish to the potluck, it does indeed contain macaroni and cheese, but Twitter thinks that giving it the precious macaroni and cheese name is blasphemy and honestly, we get it. The unsettling tweet, which was shared just two hours ago, has already garnered over 3,400 likes, and it has been retweeted 1,700 times.
Aside from simply commiserating with @coolstoryjanis’ outrage through a like or retweet, many users have also been commenting about how offended they are by this so-called mac and cheese, and unsurprisingly, people have some hilarious things to say.
Because many people, including ourselves, feel so passionate about the cheesy dish, it's unsurprising that the photo was met with such indignation. However, we definitely feel for the coworker in question who was just trying to contribute to the company potluck and ended up a viral macaroni sensation. Plus, there's always the unlikely scenario that said coworker's dish was misunderstood and they were simply trying to make macaroni with cheese.
As unmelted as the mac and cheese that @coolstoryjanis's coworker brought to their office potluck is, it's actually not the worst workplace cooking experience we've heard about. Last year, a group of Global News Calgary anchors each brought in their favorite holiday treats to try on-air. Unfortunately for the anchors and fortunately for us viewers, one woman brought in artichoke dip that smelled like "a barn" and made her co-workers gag. So, while, it might have been a disappointment, at least the viral "macaroni and cheese" probably didn't make the employees in that office want to throw up.
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