Watch These News Anchors Lose It Over Their Co-Anchor’s Horrible Tasting Holiday Dip

Canadians are known for being polite people, but sometimes even they can't pretend to be nice in order to spare others' feelings. That was made clear by a recent segment on Global News Calgary. All throughout last week, the news anchors on the show took turns sharing their favorite holiday treats on air, but when it came time to try artichoke dip made by traffic reporter Leslie Horton, things didn't go so well. The clip, which has now been viewed over 880,000 times on YouTube, starts with Horton displaying her dip and saying, "Yeah, it's not supposed to look like that." As the yellow mixture slides around in the glass serving dish, Horton's co-anchors look less than enthused about the impending taste-test. The traffic reported confessed that she really just wanted to buy a fruitcake from Safeway because she's too busy to cook and it's her favorite holiday treat. We understand the too busy thing, but honesty Safeway fruit cake seems about as gross as this disastrous dip — or so we thought until we saw the anchors' reactions to eating it. As Horton passes around crackers spread with dip, the tasters comment that it smells like vinegar and "a barn." Still, they're good sports and quickly pop the crackers in their mouths. All attempts to spare Horton's feelings stop after that. Hilariously, one of the anchors spits his bite out into a napkin, while another declares, "The vinegar burns!" The weirdest thing is that the cook apparently didn't even put any vinegar in the dish. Take a look:
After the segment aired, one of Horton's victims, meteorologist Jordan Witzel, tweeted that they had finally figured out why the dip tasted so bad.
Despite all the horrible reactions to her dip, Leslie Horton's feelings weren't hurt. She fully admitted the dip was an epic cooking fail, and after hearing her descriptions of what the artichoke dip tasted like, we're so glad we didn't have to try it.

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