Harry Styles Finally Reveals Who Named One Direction

Photo: Sam Ruttyn/Newspix/Getty Images.
It must be hard to come up a band name, especially when it has to be agreed upon by five different people. Surprisingly, though, it sounds like guys of One Direction were able to arrive at a name they were all proud of pretty easily. In a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Harry Styles talked to Tony Dokoupil about his rise to fame, and even explained how the band name One Direction was chosen.
After the two chatted about Styles' first X Factor audition and meeting his four fellow band members for the first time, Dokoupil asked, "the band name, who came up with it?" and Styles responded, "Um, I think it was me actually." Perhaps because he wasn't entirely certain about the name's genesis, the singer continued, "I know they're not here to defend anything else, but it was me."
Dokoupil wanted to know how the singer came up with the name and what it was supposed to mean, which who can blame him? We've been wondering that for the past seven years. Unfortunately, Styles didn't provide much ground-breaking new info about the name. Smiling, he told his interviewer, "I honestly don't know. I don't know. I thought it sounded good. We, uh, we threw around names for a little bit, and I honestly don't know. I suggested it and everyone was like, 'yeah we like that,' and then it kind of stuck and that was what it was."
So, there was no drama behind the building of the group name or even an interesting story about how the name popped into Harry Styles' head. In many other situations, we'd be tempted to not believe Harry's non-story about the band's brainstorm, but here, it actually makes sense that nothing more exciting happened. Really, what else can we expect from a group of teenage boys than a shrug of compliance?

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