Ben & Jerry's Just Announced Its Newest Limited Batch Flavor

Photo: Courtesy of Ben & Jerry's.
Today, Ben & Jerry’s announced its first new limited batch flavor since May, and our five months of waiting have really paid off because the new ice cream is unlike any we’ve ever tasted. It’s called One Sweet World, and it contains an interesting array of key ingredients. Ben & Jerry’s started with a coffee caramel ice cream base, then added fudge chunks, swirls of marshmallow, and gobs of salted caramel. Though we never thought to combine caramel and coffee or coffee and marshmallow, the unexpected elements come together in perfect harmony to create a totally different Ben & Jerry’s flavor.
We got a chance to try the new One Sweet World flavor, and for the most part, the ice cream base tastes more of coffee than caramel. However, periodically, you get a bit of the salted caramel swirl in your spoonful, and that helps extenuate the caramel notes in the ice cream. The fudge pieces, which, in this flavor, are shaped like the iconic ampersand symbol in the Ben & Jerry’s name, add a sweetness that compliments the slight bitterness of the coffee ice cream.
Our favorite feature of One Sweet World, though, is the marshmallow. The marshmallow swirls are distributed very generously throughout the pint, and though you might expect it to have a strange texture due to the cold temperature of the ice cream, the marshmallow manages to stay perfectly fluffy.
Like Ben & Jerry's last limited batch flavor, One Love, One Sweet World is also coming to freezer aisles for a good cause. According to a press release, Ben & Jerry's is donating a portion of the sales of this flavor to support those working at the intersection of economic and racial justice. If you want in on the good cause and good taste, use the flavor locator on the Ben & Jerry's website to track down a pint of One Sweet World. Happy snacking!
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