Ariana Grande’s Now-Iconic Album Cover Is Mystifying Twitter

Looks like Ariana Grande is capable of even more than we thought. Not only can she hit the high notes while dancing on stage, she can also do the physically impossible. You're probably familiar with the cover of the singer's My Everything album from 2014, but it wasn't until one brave soul tried to replicate it that we realized something was off. In the image, Grande sits delicately on a stool with her legs tucked under her butt. But when BuzzFeed producer Jesse McLaren assumed the same position, things didn't exactly go as smoothly as they look on the album.
"I've done the research and there's no way her ass is sitting on that stool," he caption the side by side, which shows him hilariously failing to get even one leg comfortably situated.
This inspired a whole bunch of other fans to do the same, and they had varying levels of success.
To get to the bottom of it, McLaren even addressed Grande herself.
"We're on Twitter so I'm gonna give this a shot," he said. "@ArianaGrande did you actually balance on a stool like this or is it Photoshop?" He added, "*Leaves tray of cookies by chimney*" in hopes of getting her attention. And it worked.
"next week on mythbusters" she cryptically joked.
So, we still don't have an answer. But we do know that making us do a double-take is the singer's bread and butter. I mean, just take her most recent transformation: grey hair.

btw i (it's grey)

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We're getting some serious Khaleesi vibes from this look, and if there's anyone who can successfully balance on seemingly impossible places (or, creatures), it's the mother of dragons.
Maybe Grande will take this mystery a step further whenever she next releases new music, but until then, please keep the hilarious fail pictures coming.

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