Pillsbury's Hot Cocoa Cookies Are Back To Save Us From Pumpkin Spice

If you are officially over fall's pumpkin spice product overload, then the return of a Pillsbury's dough favorite should come as one welcome cold weather surprise. That's right, the jolly little doughboy just put what might be the ultimate, and greatest, winter treat combo of all time back on the market: Ready-to-bake Hot Cocoa cookies. The return of this limited edition flavor was brought to our attention by Instagram user @SnackBetch, who spotted the package on a King Soopers' store shelves just yesterday.

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From what we can tell, the ready to bake bag contains 12 cookies made of what appears to be a chocolate dough base that's been mixed with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. Could the dough also be cocoa mix or perhaps even milk-flavored? Or, are the marshmallows what gives this cookie it's hot chocolatey edge? Whatever the case may be, we imagine biting into one of these bad boys fresh from the oven tastes like a warm, solid version of a cup of Swiss Miss — or the chewy cookie form of a scoop of rocky road ice cream.
Is the beginning of October too early to be jumping into winter-themed treats? With pumpkin spice fatigue in full swing, we feel pretty good about a little premature December dessert positioning. Although this particular Pillsbury flavor isn't entirely new to the limited edition product scene — it was first spotted last season around the same time in October of 2016 — it does seem to fall effortlessly in line with recent seasonal snack trends: big cookie brands and hot chocolate. Oreo debuted its cookie-flavored hot cocoa mix back in September, and now we have the inverse product from Pillsbury. Who is ready to get meta with us, and bake up a batch of hot cocoa cookies to dunk in a cup of cookie-flavored hot cocoa? Now that's a mouthful.

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