This Sorting Hat Candle Reveals Your Hogwarts House

Think back to the first time you watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Remember the palm-sweating anxiety that washed over you when Professor McGonagall placed the dirty brown sorting cap on top of Harry's head as he sat in front of the entire school waiting for his Hogwarts house assignment? It's hard to forget. And even though we knew that Harry was going to be assigned to Gryffindor — we still let out a sigh of relief when the hat shouted it out loud.
And now, any Harry Potter fan who had a visceral reaction to the sorting ceremony can relive the thrill — wherever there's a match. Muggle Library Candles, a company that makes Harry Potter-themed scents and candles on Etsy, recently dropped a brand-new product that's the the candle equivalent of a personalized sorting ceremony.
Aptly named, the Sorting candle will not only add authenticity to your Harry Potter collection, it'll let you know which house you'd actually belong in if you went to Hogwarts. And for a true fan, that knowledge is $14 well spent. Straight out the box, the soy wax candle is white in color, but when you light it — that's when the magic happens. The heat causes it to transform into red, yellow, blue, or green based on the house you "belong in." When you buy the candle, there's no way of knowing what color, or house, you'll be sorted into — you just have to light it and wait.
As you're anxiously awaiting your assignment, an aroma will fill the air to ease your anxiety. The combination of lemon, sandalwood, vanilla, and pachouli is so pleasant, you'll want to keep the smell flowing throughout your house even after you discover whether you're a Gryffindor or a Hufflepuff.
Muggle Library Candles The Sorting Candle, $14, available at Etsy.
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