This Dad's "Interview" With His 3-Month-Old Is The Cutest Thing You'll See Today

If you've ever looked at a tiny baby and wondered what they're really thinking behind all of those cute coos, you're not alone. It was on one father's mind so much that he decided to just fill in the blanks one day. La Guardia Cross made a video "interviewing" his baby daughter, Amalah, posted it to YouTube, and the New Father Chronicles were born.
It's been two years since his first video and now Cross has another adorable baby daughter to interrogate. Two months ago, he made a video featuring his then 3-month-old baby girl Nayely who, it seems, is pretty sassy. Over the weekend, her spunky retorts to her dad caught the internet's interest and the video went viral.
Just watch, and you'll see why:
Cross told BuzzFeed that he was happy to see the video go viral over the weekend. "It's exciting to see how many people can relate to the content and imagine that their own babies feel the same way," he said.
Nayely is nothing if not a strong role model for women. She knows her place at the top of her family (after all, they're all there to service her needs) and she's not about to let her dad pretend that he's in charge.
Although Cross is clearly the one putting these words in his baby's mouth, we wouldn't be too shocked if it's actually what was going through her mind. Did you see that eye roll?
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