This Woman Accidentally Sent A Very Rude Text To Her Future Mother-In-Law

There are plenty of fancy new features that come with the iOS 11 update. Just be careful that, in your rush to try them out, you don't, like, put some of your most important personal relationships at risk.
Consider the case of a 20-year-old college student and bride-to-be, Aiman Siddiqui of Dallas. As BuzzFeed News reports, the recently engaged woman decided to take advantage of her iOS 11 updates to get some peace and quiet while studying for her midterm exams. She set up the Do Not Disturb While Driving function on her iPhone, originally intended to mute distracting texts and calls while an iPhone user is behind the wheel. Once activated, the features sends an auto-response to any texts that come in, notifying contacts that the iPhone owner is unavailable.
Smart. Practical. So far so good. What Siddiqui didn't consider is who might be trying to text her during this self-imposed study break. Hence, here's the R-rated auto-response she drafted:
"I'm studying leave me tf [the fuck] alone. Big ahhh tryna make me fail all the time. I GON BE SUCCESSFULLLLL."
That's fine for friends. Maybe not so much for a future mother-in-law wanting to see if Siddiqui was feeling better after a recent illness.
As you can see from the above exchange, a mortified Siddiqui scrambled to set the record straight and explain that she wasn't actually telling her fiancé's mother to leave her "the fuck" alone.
Siddiqui told BuzzFeed that her future husband and his mother have laughed off the incident, which has since gone viral. But she's learned an important lesson.
"Never let technology text for you," she told Buzzfeed. "The Apple update seems amazing but please use it wisely."
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