Hilary Duff Loves Trader Joe's Snacks As Much As We Do

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For millennials of a certain age, Hilary Duff will always feel like someone we grew up with. And that's because we did. As Lizzie McGuire, she embodied both the fashion goals of Disney fans in the early aughts as well as the angst of being a tween in a post-Internet, pre-smart phone world.
As Duff's on-screen persona has grown up with us, her real-life personality has proven to be equally as relatable. She's even given Tinder a whirl. She's also admittedly "obsessed" with Trader Joe's, relying on the fan-favorite grocery store to keep her fueled during long shoots. While acting may be her full-time job, Duff is also an adventurous eater who enjoys cooking as well as hosting girls' nights for her friends.
The actress recently partnered with Callie Collection's California-inspired wines to share her tips on fall entertaining and food. Refinery29 caught up with Duff to get the scoop on her favorite fall things, how she feels about candy corn, and, of course, what her favorite Trader Joe's snacks are.
Go-To Snacks
When Duff is on set for long days, she fuels up with RX bars (peanut butter is her favorite). She also likes to stay stocked up with snacks from Trader Joe's. She's "obsessed" with the egg white salad, and also loves the Tempting Trail Mix and dried mango with chili powder. She is also a fan of hitting up Whole Foods for the olive bar.
Easy Entertaining
"I love cozy nights in with girlfriends in the fall," Duff says, "I usually keep a white and red wine on hand with a few simple pairings. My current favorites are the Callie Collection Pinot Grigio and Fresh Red Blend." She typically serves up an easy plate with cheese, honeycomb, or nuts. For a main course, she often hosts a potluck with a stew as the main course. Everyone brings a few ingredients and helps cook, making the sometimes "intimidating" process of a soup or stew easier. "Nothing inspires conversation like cooking and wine," she explains.
Fall Flavors
Duff owns up to not being much of a pumpkin spice person, despite loving the season: "I crave more savory flavors in the fall," she says. But she does have a favorite Halloween candy. Reese's and Kit-Kats are tied for number one, though the controversial candy corn also has a place in her heart. "I hated candy corn as a kid, but now I love it," she says.
Clammed Up
Duff also admits that there are very few foods she won't eat. "I'll try anything once, and I'm pretty adventurous!" she claims. That said, there's one thing she's not a "huge fan of:" clams. While that might not be notable on its own, she explains it's weird because she also loves two similar shellfish: mussels and oysters.

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