Pitch Perfect 3 Finally Released A Trailer With No Body-Shaming Jokes

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Studios.
While it may be a little too early to start getting into the holiday season, this new trailer for Pitch Perfect 3 proves there's many reasons to look forward to December. The first trailer for the third and final installment of the a cappella-inspired franchise dropped back in June, but the most recent official trailer proves that the Barden Bellas have come a long way — and so have the trailers.
For what seems like the first time, this particular Pitch Perfect trailer doesn't make any kind of body-shaming jokes regarding Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson). This is heartening, especially, since there was a bit of controversy around the costumes after the cast posted a series of Instagram pictures back in March. In them, most of the women were wearing halter tops, while Wilson was wearing a short sleeve t-shirt with a scoop neck.
"I let each actor decide how their costume fit, it was their choice, Rebel, Ester & Hana Mae wanted sleeves," Pitch Perfect 3 costume designer Salvador Perez responded to the uproar, adding, "To me it is about dressing women however they look and feel great, whatever size they are. It's about choice, confidence and style!"
That being said, the first official trailer still highlighted moments in the film that focused on Amy's weight, including a hat that read "Make America Eat Again" and the character referring to herself as "Obesity."
Luckily, this time around the franchise seems to have realized that those kinds of jokes aren't what make people want to see a movie. Instead, we get a much better look at the plot, including the awkward tension between the Bella alums and the group's current members, and the possibility of Beca (Anna Kendrick) leaving the girls behind to pursue a solo career. Because it's Pitch Perfect, of course, there are also a ton of new songs. I, for one, am looking forward to Hailee Steinfeld's rendition of Daya's "Sit Still, Look Pretty," but check out the rest of the music in the trailer below!

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