This Guy Tweeted A Request For Free Birthday Drinks & The Internet Provided — Kind Of

Photographed by Alice Gao.
Last night, a Twitter user known online as @RoryMeep posted an unusual but perfectly innocent request. He tweeted a photo of his friend, giving the camera a thumbs up and wrote, "This is Nick, and it’s his birthday." He then told the world what pub they were in and what table they were sitting at and asked the Twitter-verse to send Nick some birthday drinks through the bar’s app.
Now, if you think getting free stuff from your friends is the one best parts about turning a year older, then getting more free stuff from strangers must be even better, right? Based on the hodgepodge of items that Nick and his pal received, we’re going to go ahead and say that's not necessarily the case.
@RoryMeep's original tweet was liked nearly 29,000 times, but this request didn't just get virtual attention. People did send gifts, ranging from genuine and tasty to cheeky and downright gross. Lucky for us, the tweeter shared photos of the good, the bad, and the nasty gifts sent by the internet so we could laugh along.
On the positive side, Nick received a small bottle of Prosecco, which @RoryMeep called "lovely." One of the less conventional presents that arrived at the two friends' table was one scoop of vanilla ice cream in a bowl. There's certainly nothing wrong with vanilla ice cream, but something about receiving a single topping-less scoop of it from a total stranger just seems odd. Still, about the ice cream, the user tweeted "Someone's been nice, and we thank you."
As for the presents that weren't deemed "lovely" by either of the men, there was a non-alcoholic beer, several glasses of milk, a small bowl of crispy onions, and perhaps weirdest of all, a plate of peas, mayonnaise, and gravy. Those items may not have been what the friends were expecting, but they can't exactly say the internet didn't come through with freebies.
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