The Difference Between Your First Pregnancy & The Rest Of Them

As many second-born children can probably attest, your parents might not have been nearly as prepared for your entry into the world as they were for your older sibling — hence the meticulously filled out baby book and thousands of photos they had that are oddly missing for you (or is that just me?)
Sure, that's not true for all parents-t0-be, but it has definitely struck a chord for many who watched mom blogger Esther Anderson's video, in which she hilariously explains the difference between your first pregnancy and all of the others.
The video, which has more than 3 million views on Facebook as of writing, switches between the perspectives of a first-time mom-to-be and a pregnant mom who already has two young kids (both women are expertly played by Anderson). They each answer the same questions, and Anderson shows just how much people who have been pregnant before stop sweating the details.
While the first-time mom knows her next OB-GYN appointment down to the hour and exactly how big her kid is ("she's 14.8 inches, two pounds and 4.5 ounces, and she's the size of a Chinese cabbage"), the veteran mom accidentally missed her appointment and just knows that the baby is "growing."
See it for yourself:
People who have experienced multiple pregnancies took to the comments to back Anderson up — this really is how plenty of people feel in their second or third pregnancies.
"With the first one, I knew exactly how many weeks along I was and how many weeks old he was," one person wrote. "Second one, I knew how many months I was and how many months old he was. Third wash! No clue how many months pregnant or how old she was!"
"Omg I'm dying," wrote another. "I have 4 boys ... legit was at doctors with my littlest for his 4 month appointment and gave my 2 year old's name at check in ... then I realized it and said, 'wait, wrong name, at least i brought the right kid with me to this appointment.'"
No matter how many pregnancies they've been through, though, the parents agree that the ending of the video rings true, too. It's the only question both moms answer the same, "How excited are you to meet her?" Despite the lack of baby books and general displeasure at being pregnant, yet again, the veteran mom still smiles at the camera and says she "can't wait until she's here."
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