Why A Mom Who Had 3 Kids In 11 Months Is Showing Photos Of Her Stomach

It's no secret that pregnancy can change your body a lot — and change your relationship with your body.
After giving birth to 3 children in just eleven months, one mom posted a photo of her postpartum stomach to show that she isn't "embarrassed" about her new body (nor should she be).
Eliza Curby, who runs the parenting blog Twingenuity, shared a photo of her stomach on Instagram last week, writing, "Just because.. Because I'm not embarrassed of the scars my body now carries."
According to her website, six weeks after giving birth to a daughter in January 2016, Curby found out that she was pregnant again — this time, with twin boys.
After giving birth, she developed stretched skin along her stomach, and has chosen to celebrate her body to shut down unrealistic expectations about women's bodies postpartum.
"I really am not embarrassed or ashamed and I wanted other women to feel better about their post-baby bodies," Curby told Scary Mommy. "If they don’t look like Kim Kardashian or Beyoncé or whoever else, I wanted to encourage women to accept and feel comfortable in their own skin."
"I just want to say to other women, 'rock your post baby body,'" she adds to Refinery29. "I don't want to point the finger at those women who DO have great bounce back bodies and say 'you're all liars' because I'm sure many of them are not — but I do want to challenge how we present ourselves on social media — where the very realities we portray do influence those who follow us."
She posted the photo, she wrote, "Because beauty takes many forms. Because I can. Because you should also be proud. This is me... because I love my body."
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