A College-Bound Teen Found A Surprise In Her Mom's Old Notebook

When Hailey Weiss took off for her sophomore year of college at the College of New Jersey, she was in a bit of a rush to get her last-minute packing done, as is the case for many teens.
"Since my daughter is now a sophomore, I didn't feel the need to oversee every item that she packed for school," her mother, Carrie Weiss, told TODAY. "I really wanted her to take charge of the process herself and decide what she needed to bring. Of course, that meant that all packing was done the day before and it was a whirlwind! She had piles of stuff in the hallway, and I reminded her to grab supplies from the basement, which she did."
Amongst one of those items was an old notebook that Hailey intended to use for class — one that contained a sweet surprise.
In a series of texts shared to the Love What Matters Facebook page, Hailey can be seen texting her mother photos of the notebook, which her mother had used to track her fertility, and to plan for Hailey's arrival.
Though the notebook's pages were empty, Hailey found due date calendars in her mom's handwriting, as well as a gestation wheel.
"The notebook I'm using for college helped you guys keep track of how to create me! (Pretty sure)," she texted her mom. "I, like, almost cried, lol."
According to TODAY, Carrie and her husband, Jeff, struggled with infertility for a few years before having Hailey, who Claire called her "miracle."
"It gave me a moment of pause," Claire told TODAY about Hailey finding the notebook. "We miss her when she is at school, but we are all so connected. There's a lot of pride about how we came to be a family and we all cherish it."
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