This Mom & Daughter Did The Most Extra Thing To Get Out Of An Obligation

Hailey Smith and her mom Jennifer Deckard might have a bit of an unconventional mother/daughter relationship — and that has led to one of the funniest string of tweets between a mom and daughter since that one time a girl couldn't figure out where the tampons were.
Last Wednesday, Smith tweeted a text thread between herself and her mom in which Deckard asked her daughter to send her a photo of a fake cut and pretend she needed stitches. It was all a big ruse for Deckard to get out of an obligation and go spend time with her kids.
At first, Smith seems a little confused — and who wouldn't be? It's not every day that we get texts from our parents actually asking us to lie. But based on their thread, we totally should because this seems like an effective way to get out of pretty much anything.
After a few messages making sure that yes, her mom really did want her to fake a semi-serious injury, Smith found a very convincing photo of a cut via the internet and sent it to her mom, asking if that image would work.
Image courtesy of Hailey Smith.
"Perfect! Say something about mowing the grass," Deckard responded.
To which Smith expertly responded, "Mom I was mowing the grass and a piece of glass shot up and I think I need stitches. I stopped the bleeding, but it looks bad."
Image courtesy of Hailey Smith.
If it almost looks like they've done this before, well, it's because they have. "We always use each other to get out of social situations we don't want to be in," Smith tells Refinery29.
Sometimes it works the other way around, with Smith asking her mom to make up an excuse so she can get out of hanging out with friends. And, according to the Twitter comments, plenty of other people have this kind of special relationship with a parent.
So the next time you need to get out of something but don't know how, maybe just send your parents a quick text. It seems to work pretty well.
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