What The Stars Hold In Store For Your School Year

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Every school year brings with it a new set of questions and uncertainties. Lucky for us, we can look to the planets and other heavenly bodies for guidance — or, at the very least, some comfort. No horoscope is a precise roadmap of things to come, but noting a few significant dates can help to quell those back-to-school jitters.
Of course, the same planetary activity can mean very different things for different signs. Even news of an upcoming Mercury retrograde, for example, doesn't have to spell doom for your class schedule or plans to go abroad. Always take astrological advice with a grain of salt — and, you know, make sure you have all your Word docs securely backed up before logging off for the night.
We consulted the Astrotwins' 2017 Planetary Planner, as well as the planetary predictions from astrologer Annie Heese, to give you the clearest picture of the months to come. Ahead, discover what awaits you in your first semester of the school year.