The Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge Is Either Awe-Inspiring Or Terrifying

AGF/ Getty Images
If you love that terrifying sensation when you're really high above the ground (like seriously high), you should definitely add the world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge to your bucket list.
The Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge, located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, just opened and intrepid travelers and locals are bravely embarking on the journey across the 1,600-foot bridge.
At its highest point, the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge hangs 279 feet above the ground. Fortunately, architects included a patented vibration system to prevent the bridge from swinging back and forth (but it still sounds pretty frightening in my humble opinion).
In addition to giving you bragging rights for days (along with some killer Instagram photos, I imagine), you'll be treated to incredible views of Matterhorn, Weisshorn, and the Bernese Alps as you cross the bridge.
The bridge is only 25 inches wide and it has a grated surface, which means that it is possible to look down into the Grabengufer ravine below, according to NBC News.
The local tourism agency warned that the bridge is "for hikers with no fear of heights." If you are one of those hikers, the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge could be a serious time-saver for you. According to The Guardian it takes approximately 10 minutes to cross the bridge, compared to the four hours it would take to cross the terrain on foot.
A previous version of the bridge, built in 2010, was shut down due to safety concerns after it was damaged by rock falls. It took just two and a half months to construct the new and improved version.

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