Doughnuts Just Got A Millennial Pink Makeover & The Ingredients Are Surprising

Photographed by Nicole Maroon.
We think doughnuts are good from almost anywhere, but if your taste leans more gourmet, this is a great time to be alive. There are now tons of specialty doughnut shops around the world that are constantly pumping out unique versions of this classic dessert. Just take Crosstown Doughnuts in London, which we discovered thanks to Insider Food. We have to say, this shop has some of the most gorgeous doughnuts we’ve ever seen on social media. The menu item that stands out the most is a bright pink doughnut. They're called Beetroot Lemon-Thyme doughnuts, and yes, surprisingly, their vibrant hue comes from beets.
The Crosstown Doughnut's website describes this menu item as "A soft, fluffy, pink beetroot sourdough with a lemon-thyme glaze, topped with a home made vanilla crumble and fresh lemon-thyme." The unconventional list of ingredients alone was enough to make us wish we could try a taste, but then we saw a video of these millennial pink doughnuts being made, and we almost booked a flight to London on the spot.
The dough, which is dyed a fuchsia color with the beetroot, looks like a giant slab of Play-Doh, that's certainly much more tasty. When they're cut into identical circles, it's like watching bubble gum being squished and shaped in the most satisfying way. Once the doughnuts are fried, they become a lighter pink color and get their special gourmet toppings that tie together savory and sweet. The end product is a lovely pink doughnut that's unlike anything else we've seen. Feast your eyes:

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