Peanut Butter & Jelly Salad Dressing Proves That Food Has Officially Gone Too Far

Photo: Courtesy of Saladshots.
In what may be a newly discovered sign of the impending apocalypse, Saladshots have arrived to give standard greens and veggies a wacky, whimsical kick. Only we don't know anyone who asked for the brand's particular brand of whimsy or the release of peanut butter and jelly flavored salad dressing.
Food Republic reports that Saladshots plans on adding "unheard of" dressing options, including the aforementioned PB&J as well as a few other out-there flavors, like chocolate chip and rose petal, to its lineup.
In the nature of not yucking someone else's yum, there probably is a market for salad dressing that covers up the flavor of veggies entirely (isn't that why some people smother broccoli with cheese?). The brand earned enough on its Kickstarter campaign to bring this idea to the masses — or, more likely, niche grocery stores — by reaching its goal of raising $25,000. But the first rollout included more traditional flavors, such as a citrus vinaigrette and ranch. The new flavors aren't available on the site yet, though that may change in the future.
Saladshots should be commended for more than just unique flavors, though. While mac 'n' cheese dressing may not appeal to the Newman's Own crowd, most shoppers and diners can agree that the company's effort to cut down on sodium, processed sugar, and fat while using the best quality ingredients is a good thing. Plus, the dressings come in pouches as well as glass bottles, which is more eco-friendly than the usual plastic. Even though a few of the flavors seem like they'd be packed with sugar, Saladshots actually uses agave nectar instead of the processed stuff.
Food Republic adds that the company's founder, Adam Rubin, is hoping that Saladworks can be the Ben & Jerry's of salad, with one-of-a-kind flavors and a hefty helping of fun all in one easy-to-use pouch.
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