Treatza & Pizza Lunchables Are Back, So You Can Eat Like A Fifth Grader Again

Ready your elementary school selves, because the one lunch that outdid the rest and managed to earn stares of jealousy from just about everyone is back.
Delish reports that Treatza and Pizza Lunchables are back on store shelves, so it may be time to rush to the supermarket to stock up.
For those unfamiliar with the fabled but not forgotten lunchtime treat, Treatza and Pizza packs are Kraft's Italian-tinged spin on traditional Lunchables. Instead of crackers and cheese, the Treatza and Pizza option allowed diners to DIY their own pepperoni pizzas instead of a cracker stack. Though the toppings were (and remain) limited, there was basically nothing better in the cafeteria than the room-temperature tomato sauce and smushy crust that looked like pizza but didn't really offer the same experience. Kraft didn't do much to update the lunch offering, probably due to the public outcry that asked for the return of the OG Treatza and Pizza packs, so you'll find it mostly unchanged.
In addition to the build-your-own pizza, the box also contained a second crust, chocolate frosting, and candy-coated chocolate bits (bereft of any particular branding) to craft a dessert pizza of sorts. That's still in the box, too, along with a pouch of Capri Sun to wash down all that sweet, sweet nostalgia.
At the very reasonable price of $2.99, picking up a few of these old school lunchbox staples will save shoppers some lunch money and bring back memories of simpler times. Plus, the total for just one Treatza and Pizza Lunchable rings up at less than your usual Postmates order and gives you the satisfaction of assembling your own lunch.
Delish reports that anyone looking for a time warp back to the '90s can head to Target, Albertson's, Kroger, Safeway, or Piggly Wiggly to pick one (or a dozen) of these bad boys up.
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