Love Hamilton? Now You Can Eat Like Him

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Hamilton fans, prepare your tables.
Eater reports that there's a brand-new way for musical die-hards to get even closer to their favorite rapping founding fathers: a historical cookbook inspired by Alexander Hamilton.
Set to be released in November — just in time for a certain food-centric holiday — the book will allow home chefs to "recreate a meal Hamilton might have eaten after a Revolutionary War battle or as he composed the Federalist Papers."
While the cookbook isn't connected directly with the Broadway musical, it does give fans of Lin-Manuel Miranda's opus a chance to get in the mindset of his now-famous cast. The cookbook includes plenty of foods that are purported to be faves of Hamilton as well as a slew of additions that would have been popular during the time of the American Revolution. Tasting Table's sampling of the recipes includes cauliflower florets two ways and fried sausages with apples. The hearty food does seem pretty perfect for a Thanksgiving gathering, with or without a side of good ol' American gumption.
Even though it's not official, the cookbook offers up a more authentic take on the food of early America. Devotees of Hamilton have already created their own riffs on musical menus. NPR reports that die-hard fans have created their own dinner party selections, with Aaron Burr-gers and Hercules Mulliga-tawny Soup. Budding mixologists are also getting in on the action and taking inspiration from the drinks served up at New York's Richard Rodgers Theatre, pouring remixes on the Hamiltini and Dueling Sangrias.
The new cookbook is the latest way for fans to get closer to Hamilton himself and give those dinner parties a new air of authenticity. Fans should act fast, however: Knowing how everything Hamilton-related seems to sell out, these books may be as hard to come by as tickets to the actual show.
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