Watch This Mesmerizing Video Of Trader Joe's Mini Ice Cream Cones Being Made

We have long been obsessed with Trader Joe’s Hold The Cone Mini Ice Cream Cones, and we’ve even included them on our list of best TJ’s products of all time. Despite our devotion to the tiny sweet treat, we don't actually know where they come from because the grocery chain almost never reveals details about what companies produce its private-label products. However, thanks to a video recently shared on Trader Joe's Instagram account, we do no know how these miniature ice cream cones are made.
Earlier this week, TJ's posted a video that shows the slightly-bigger-than-bite-sized waffle cones traveling on a conveyer belt. First, the inside of the cones get coated with a lovely layer of chocolate. Next, each one receives a dollop of creamy vanilla ice cream — our favorite part of the video and the dessert — and they are then immediately sent through a freezer chamber to chill. The final touch is a hard chocolate shell, then the cones are sent on their way to be packaged and sold in a TJ's freezer aisle near you.

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In the caption accompanying the mesmerizing video, Trader Joe's explained that it actually just revamped this iconic favorite treat with a few new and improved elements. The grocery chain wrote, "Stop the presses! Hold the phone! We’ve updated our Hold the Cone! Mini Ice Cream Cones... The Cone is now crisper. The bittersweet chocolate that lines the Cone and covers the scoop is notably richer. The ice cream that goes inside is considerably creamier — with 40% less overrun (read: 'air') than most frozen novelty treats. We’re SO excited about the makeover of these miniature marvels, we even made a video!" Though we didn't think this particular product needed improving, you know we're always up for a taste test.

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