Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
Hang on to your eclipse glasses. The day has finally arrived as this Monday marks the insanely buzzed-about total solar eclipse in Leo. While there are two solar eclipses every year, this one is the first to be visible in the United States since 1979. Those fortunate enough to have scored an Airbnb in the Oregon Outback — or a ticket to Oregon Solarfest — will watch the moon effectively block out the sun for a brief window of time in the late morning to early afternoon. In astrology, the sun is associated with the father. It rules the ego, our appearances, and our stylistic swagger. Mama moon, on the other hand, is governess of our emotions, desires, and intuition. All hail the queen! During this ultra-special Leo new moon (which is also the second in a rare pair, following up from the July 23 new moon in Leo), women will be called into power and leadership. Could your name be on the ballot in 2018? Is there another realm you're ready to reign? Let yourself be inspired and empowered by Monday's moonbeams. And with structured, stabilizing Saturn flipping out of retrograde on Friday, your plan of action could fall into place pretty quickly.
There's lots more action in the skies this week, too. On Tuesday, the sun does a costume change, shedding Leo's embellished bodysuit for Virgo's preppy white shirtdress. Yep, it's Virgo season until September 22, a time that's more about planning and productivity than unbridled excess. But with indulgent Venus sweeping into Leo from Saturday until September 19, embrace the art of "healthy hedonism," finding pleasure in movement (hello dance-based cardio) and swapping out processed food for organic produce and lean protein. Nothing like that natural glow!

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