Mansplainers Are Here To Tell You Why Men Get Praised For Doing Chores

It hardly comes as a shock that, despite the fact that 47 percent of U.S. workers are female, married women still pick up the bulk of household chores. American men do an average of 15 minutes of housework per day, compared to 45 minutes for women. And certain men would very much like endless praise when they do chip in, please and thank you.
Why, you ask? Don't worry, mansplainers are here to school us on why they deserve praise every time they wipe a kitchen counter.
Meredith Masony of “That’s Inappropriate” recently posted a video that quickly went viral because it resonated with so many women. In the video, she explains that her husband did some chores while she was at church. When she failed to notice let alone shower him with praise, he was baffled.
Of course when anything like this gets shared on social media, mansplainers emerge in full force.
"So you had time to go to church and the gym today, and your man worked on something at home that needed to be done. He did something to help you out so you didn’t have to after doing two things you wanted to that day. What about all the things he does all the time you don’t do…i.e. car maintenance, yard maintenance, finances. Works both ways," wrote one man, who presumably has no idea whether or not Masony is involved in her household's car maintenance, yard maintenance, or finances.
"I’ll remember this the next time my wife asks me ‘Do you notice something different about me?’ And she has an obvious haircut," another guy wrote. "I’ll point out she doesn’t need praise for personal hygiene…then I’ll tell her I don’t notice anything different." Haircuts and household chores; it's all the same, ladies.
And, because you've gotta love it when a man refers to grown women as "girls," we really appreciated this gem: "Girls, you are making this too hard. After he cuts the grass and gets the yard in shape meet him in the shower with a 6 pack. Your man will cut the grass in the winter with snow on the ground. With that knowledge move it inside with something like vacuuming or dishes. Work with us."
What in the world did women do before social media provided us with thousands of mansplainers to tell us what's what?

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