You'll Be Surprised How Much Rent Costs In America's Most Expensive Zip Codes

Photo: Getty Images.
If you're looking to relocate, one of the things you're probably wondering is where to get the most square feet for your buck. A recent report from RentCafé, complete with an interactive map, could help you make your choice. The website mapped apartment-rental averages for every state and zip code in 125 major U.S. markets using data from Yardi Matrix.
You can hover over the map below to see the average rent in your state, and zoom in to see data for your zip code (or one you want to move to). You can also explore the map by clicking the small search button in the bottom left to look up a location.
Keep in mind that the study did not look at zip codes with fewer than 200 rental units and less than three properties. The data represents buildings with 50 or more rentals, with 15 million units total, and the prices are current as of March 2017.
It's not particularly surprising that 16 of the 20 zip codes with the highest rents are in Manhattan. (Although it does surprise us that Brooklyn isn't on the list, since some of those Williamsburg high-rises are starting to rival Manhattan prices in rent.) But still, the actual numbers are higher than we thought.
The top spot is occupied by 10282, which is near the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan and has an average rent of $5,924 (our bank account just let out a whimper). It's closely followed by 10065 on the Upper East Side ($4,898) and 10023 on the Upper West Side ($4,892). The non-Manhattan four include #12 (Boston's 02199), and three zip codes in San Francisco, at #4, #9, and #16 (94129, 94105, and 94158, respectively).
Where are the lowest rents? Wichita, KS, has the two cheapest zip codes, 67213 and 67211, at $407 and $454 on average, respectively. Decatur, AL, is in third place with an average rent of $458. Zip codes in Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas, and Ohio are also among the least expensive 20.


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