Why This Mother Posted A Heartbreaking Photo Of Herself Crying While Breastfeeding

Thanks to social media, it's never been easier for women around the world to connect with one another about the issues that they're facing on a daily basis, including motherhood. Since platforms like Facebook and Instagram have become increasingly popular, both new moms and total vets have written about their experiences, offering advice and validation along the way.
Together, these women have worked hard to tear down shoddy critiques of breastfeeding in public and have lifted each other up when they felt overwhelmed. Such was the case with mother Angela Burzo, who was met with messages of encouragement after posting a photo of herself in tears while struggling to breastfeed her infant daughter, Scary Mommy reports.

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"I love seeing all these beautiful women in their beautiful nursing clothes smiling down at their babes as they lovingly look up back at them hand in hand while breastfeeding away," Burzo captioned the photo. "That is not my reality, right now that is. This is real & as much as I want to stay strong and be the soldier I feel I can be I cannot hide the struggle that is BREASTFEEDING."
Some of the issues Burzo said she'd been experiencing including the baby not latching on to her nipple and being unable to produce enough milk to satisfy her newborn. Burzo also mentioned that she was worried she'd "confused" her baby by "having to give her a bottle after pumping."
"Today has been full of no naps, sucking and not eating, crying and frustrated parents," she continued. "This photo depicts my reality of this Breastfeeding journey so far & that first latch & the pain I endure. Keeping it real."
The Facebook page Love What Matters caught wind of Burzo's photo and shared it with its over 7 million followers. The outpour of support was incredible.
"Oh, Mama! Dry your tears and know it's going to be OK! Promise," one commenter wrote. Another echoed the above sentiments saying: "You are doing a good job. It is beyond hard those first couple of months. Even if you switch to formula YOU are a good mom."
One woman even went the extra mile by offering to chat with Burzo in a one-on-one setting so that they could find solutions together.
"I'm so sorry you're experiencing this," she wrote. "I've been there and I know exactly how you're feeling. It's the worst! If you haven't seen a lactation consultant, PLEASE do, and also know, it WILL get better. Feel free to message me if you'd like to talk more!"

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