Orphan Black Episode 10 Recap: "To Right The Wrongs Of Many"

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This is it! The end! The last ever episode of Orphan Black! Is anyone else feeling weirdly emotional? I remember first watching the show on On Demand during my first summer back home from college. I blew through all of it in one sitting — something that made my parents, who were wondering if I was "adjusting well," extremely nervous. I had no idea that five years later, I'd be here, recapping it! There's always so much pressure when it comes to a series finale — especially for a show as high-stakes as this one — but let me assure you that "To Right The Wrongs Of Many" does not disappoint. Let's dive in.
This episode begins with a flashback you may have never expected: Sarah in front of Planned Parenthood, trying to decide whether or not to get an abortion. This pregnancy would lead to Kira, but back when it was just Sarah and Mrs. S, they weren't so certain they were ready to take that path.
"Have you thought this through?" Mrs. S asks, and Sarah insists she has — but keeps wavering back and forth. Although we know what eventually happens, the flashback cuts off there, and we're whipped back into present day where Sarah is trying to escape with Helena, who is essentially crowning.
As they escape to an abandoned room for Helena to give birth, Westmoreland approaches Coady — who it appears isn't dead after all, my bad, guys! — to ask (read: scream) about where the clones went. He's getting weaker, experiencing chest pains that render him even more irritable.
Enger is also in the building, hunting for the clones who she knows triggered the alarm. Just as Coady tries to reach her, Art hits over the back of the head, knocking her out.
"You're a shitty partner, Enger," he says, dragging her away. He grabs her walkie-talkie, chains her to a staircase, and runs off.
Coady goes on the hunt for the clones, and eventually finds Helena in the abandoned room while Sarah has ducked out to get medical equipment. Coady, gun brandished, realizes she has to help Helena deliver right there and then, and forces Art to do the dirty work at gunpoint. Luckily, Helena and Art are about as sneaky as they come, and when Art sees that Helena secretly has a sharp screwdriver, he tells Coady that Helena is hemorrhaging, and when she comes closer, Helena stabs her in the throat. She's really dead this time, guys.
Meanwhile, Sarah, in search of medical equipment, is back in the hospital room, where she's approached by Westmoreland. By "approached" I mean he tries to strangle her in a sheet of plastic, but she kicks him to the ground and hits his head with fire extinguisher — or something, killing him once and for all.
There's no time to waste. Sarah runs to Helena, and she and Art help Helena deliver the babies in between flashbacks to Sarah's own birth after she eventually decided to keep Kira. It's especially emotional, as Sarah finds herself repeating the same words to Helena that Mrs. S said to her.
The birth is a success, and with Coady and Westmoreland out of the picture, we can cut to the future. Not too far, but far enough that Helena is living in Alison and Donnie's converted garage with the twins (temporarily named Purple and Orange). With the horrors of neolution behind them, the clones are all together and raising one big family. Of course, not all is solved — Cosima and Delphine are still on the hunt for the rest of the clones so they can administer the cure.
Sarah is also hard at work, studying for her high school equivalency test in hopes of getting her once-rocky life back on track. She's also put her childhood house on the market, even though Felix and Kira aren't exactly on board. She's ready for a new start, but when she gets to the high school to take her test, she backs out. She can't do it.
Instead, she heads to Helena's baby shower with the rest of the clones, and family friends like Art, Scott, Delphine, and Adele. It's a full Orphan Black reunion, complete with Beach Boys playing in the background.
While everyone mingles — and grills Sarah about the test she didn't actually take — Felix is up to something. He's expecting a visitor, and you can probably guess who. He meets Rachel, who now has a glass eye, in her Uber. She hands him a folder. Felix tells her to have a nice life, and exits.
Feeling stressed about her test, and everyone's disapproval of her decision to sell the house, Sarah snaps. She heads to the backyard, where the four clones eventually gather to figure out what's really wrong. Sarah admits she didn't go to her test, that she's overcome with guilt for lying to Kira, that, after all this time, she still doesn't know what she's doing.
But turns out, that's okay, because neither does anyone else. Alison, Cosima, and Helena come forward with their own parenting pitfalls — for instance, Helena lets her babies eat sand.
"We're all scared," says Cosima.
"And we all make mistakes," Alison adds.
And then in walks Felix, with perhaps the best news to turn this night around. Rachel gave him a folder with the names of all the Leda clones, every single sister that Cosima and Delphine have been looking for so they can administer the cure.
"They're never going to have to go through everything that we did," Cosima says, looking at the list.
To really cap this night off, Helena has finished her book. It's the story of the clones, and it's called — wait for it — Orphan Black.
"Why? That's weird," says Sarah.
"It's cool!" Cosima insists. "Because we're all orphans."
"We're not Black," Alison points out, proving that the creators of the show understand the name about as much as we do.
Cut to: the future. Alison has learned piano, and Donnie dances for her while she plays. Cosima and Delphine are traveling around the world administering the cure. Helena and the babies (now named Arthur and Donnie) are still happy at Alison's house. And Sarah...well, she, Kira, and Felix are going to the beach. They head out and shut the door, leaving behind a tranquil and lived-in home, the home Sarah decided not to sell, the home of a happy family.

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