11 ASOS Stats That Might Surprise You

If you've ever shopped on ASOS, chances are you've been blown away by the sheer volume of product on the site. Sometimes you go in just wanting one pair of jeans but end up with three. And how many times have you gone through all 23 pages of dresses, only to realize hours have gone by? (No? Just us?).
For anyone who has been there, though, we have good news. Starting Tuesday, things just got a lot easier for US shoppers, because the online retailer announced it's opening a new warehouse in Georgia. It's expected to be up and running within the next 12 months, which means next-day shipping and faster processing of returns. Win.
But the craziest part isn't how long it's taken ASOS to open shop in America — it's the fact that US sales are growing at twice the rate of the UK's. (Just think of how many dresses and bags and shoes this warehouse will be able to hold. Hint: It's in the millions). With 15 million active shoppers worldwide, ASOS has become the ultimate online fashion powerhouse. And while we knew it was big, we didn't how massive an operation it really was.
Click on for the inside scoop on how ASOS operates, and prepare to be blown away with the number of 0s you'll see.

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