This Clever Hack Will Make Moving Clothes Into Your Dorm A Little Easier

Photographed by Atisha Paulson.
Let’s face it: moving into college is no fun. Of course, it’s exciting to start the school year, especially if you’re a freshman going away to school for the first time. But before you can get to all of the fun college brings, you first have to move into campus. Unfortunately, that often means copious amounts of packing tape, sweat, and frustration.
Before you start stressing about your move in, there are some ways to make the big day a little more bearable. Take this hack from Gary Chan, for example. According to BuzzFeed News, he has a clever way to get his clothes from one place to another — all it takes is a trash bag. Yup, it really is that simple.
Chan tweeted out the hack. Basically, you open a trash bag and wrap up your clothes while they’re still hanging in your closet. Then, you tie the bag’s drawstring around the top of the hangers to secure the bag to the clothes. The trash bag makes all of your clothes and hangers stay together, making them easier to carry. Plus, you don’t have to spend hours folding them into boxes and then re-hanging them.
Unsurprisingly, Chan learned this clever hack from the one person in everyone’s life who seems to always have the answer to any question: his mom. "At first I was very skeptical, but turns out it worked like a charm as I was moving into my apartment," he told BuzzFeed News.
Now, Chan is sharing his mom’s secret with the world. People on Twitter are appreciating any help they can get with moving.
Although, it turns out that some people have known about this hack for awhile.
Whether you’ve been using this hack for years or it’s currently blowing your mind, be sure to take advantage of it when you’re moving into school. Though Chan used trash bags to move out of school, the hack works both ways! It’s sure to save a bit of your sanity during all of the move-in craziness.

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