Starbucks' Mooncake Boxes Are Seriously Enchanting

Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks.
Starbucks' Hong Kong and Macau locations are giving customers even more reason to celebrate the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. According to Food & Wine, not only is the coffee chain serving up three modern takes on mooncakes, they're offering them in limited-edition boxes that light up, just like the lanterns used to celebrate the season.
Instead of going old school with its mooncake flavors, Hong Kong Starbucks decided to use its most popular beverages for inspiration. That's why instead of red and mung bean pastes, customers can snag sweet little mini mooncakes filled with Earl Grey tea mochi, vanilla custard, or caramel lava and coffee. It's not the same thing that Asian grandmas served up, but it's certainly one way to bring the age-old tradition into the here and now.
Taking a closer look at the mooncakes themselves, Starbucks decided to use its own mermaid logo as a design on one flavor and kept the other two in line with motifs that come on the usual mooncakes, like stylized Chinese characters and intricate floral patterns.

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But even better than the cakes themselves may be the packaging. Part of the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration involves lighting paper lanterns and singing traditional songs, so it makes sense that the world's most popular coffee chain would want to bring some of that fun into its mooncakes. This year, Starbucks made sure that the boxes themselves convert into lanterns, which will surely be a huge hit on Instagram. Like the desserts themselves, there are three options celebrating the season, including stars, a pair of rabbits, and an ornate geometric pattern.
The cakes and their very collectible boxes are already available at Hong Kong and Macau's Starbucks locations. There's still plenty of time to plan a trip, too, since the actual Mid-Autumn festivities don't officially start until October. How far will you go for the 'gram? We're willing to bet some Starbucks die-hards are already on their way.
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