Four Weddings Is Coming Back To TLC To Make Friends Rank Their Big Days

If wedding shows are your Kryptonite, you'll definitely want to settle into the couch for this TLC revival. According to TLC's official website, Four Weddings is coming back, and this time, it's personal.
For those who missed this particular wedding-centric reality show, each episode of the series focuses on four brides who are vying to win one seriously epic honeymoon. The way to score that vacay is to throw the wedding of your dreams — and have the other brides agree that the event was the bomb. The contestant who earns the most points gets bragging rights and the trip, while the other ladies get to, well, be married to the love of their lives. Really, it's a win-win for everyone.
That's not to say that the whole points aspect isn't a touch awkward — especially when it comes to judging an event that represents a lot to the couple who is getting hitched. If you're cringing at the idea of someone judging your so-called "Big Day," you may feel particularly queasy about the twist. According to TLC's casting notice for the new season of the show, the brides in question will now know one another.
The casting notice reads:
"We're looking for four brides who know each other who are all getting married in 2017. If you are tying the knot within a few months of your friends, family members, or co-workers, we want to hear from you!"
Our first thought: Are there really that many friends who get married in such quick succession? Spare a thought for their mutual friends and family members.
While, yes, Four Weddings has the potential to make things very awkward amongst even the dearest of friends, you have to admit that there's a certain refreshing honesty to the new premise. Who hasn't critiqued the food, band, and caricaturist on the way home from even the loveliest of weddings? At least, in the case of the people on Four Weddings, one lucky lady is going to earn a honeymoon out of the ranking system — even if she doesn't talk to her cousin for a year after it.
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